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Roller blinds in Sydney, NSW

Why not add some extra zing to your home with cost-effective roller blinds?

Roller blinds are simple, tasteful and versatile blinds. They are surprisingly affordable and can revamp your interior while providing exceptional functionality.

Blinds Sydney, The masters in blinds and shutters can guide you with all your roller blinds requirements. Side operated with plastic, stainless steel or metal chain. Our roller blinds are Australian made, and we ensure you get the best quality.

10 Years+ of Experience.

Blinds Sydney has over 10years of experience in servicing residential and commercial projects.

5 Year Warranty

We provide a comprehensive 5-year warranty on our entire roller blinds range.

Installation included

Blinds Sydney offers FREE installation on all of the products. There are several styles to suit your needs:

Blockout roller blinds

  • This is used for light control and privacy requirements. A great addition to bedrooms and areas where you want privacy. In the lowered position
  • Blockout blind will stop the majority of light and heat entering the room

Sunscreen Roller Blind

  • These are also called shade or mesh blinds. Sunscreen blinds are best for areas where you like to watch the view, but cut out the heat.
  • The fabric is woven in such a way that it has a slight openness to it so that you can see through it, but not so much that heat and light can penetrate.

Translucent roller blinds

  • These offer more privacy than sunscreen blinds but do not block the light like blockout blinds.
  • They offer a beautiful, diffused glow and in lighter colors offer heat reflectance.
  • You cannot see through these blinds and from the outside you will only see silhouettes.
  • Translucent blinds are generally preferred with a double roller scenario with a blockout blind.

If you have any other questions or would like to speak with our team please Call us on: 02 9191 8751, we offer FREE consultation and quotes Sydney-wide.

Based in Sydney, we offer FREE consultation and quotes Sydney-wide so be sure to call us on

02 9191 8751